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Family violence is unfortunately very common across our community, affecting both men and women. Also known as domestic violence or abuse, family violence is any abusive behaviour that is used to control someone in a family. This type of behaviour makes someone afraid for their safety and wellbeing, and/or the safety of another person. If a child witnesses abusive behaviour, or is exposed to the impacts of the behaviour, they are a victim of family violence in their own right. It is important for you to seek advice and guidance about your situation from experienced Melbourne intervention order lawyers.

Family violence takes many forms. It may be physical, psychological/emotional, verbal, financial, or social. Specific examples of family violence include actual or threatened assault or sexual assault, stalking, derogatory and intimidating remarks, intentional damage or destruction of property, intentionally injuring an animal, unreasonably withholding money or support, and depriving a family member of a connection with his/her culture, or social freedom. Patterns of controlling and manipulative behaviours are often referred to as ‘coercive control.’

Family violence has a significant impact upon children of a relationship and parenting matters. Sometimes, family violence may impact financial matters after separation as well. It is important for you to seek advice and guidance about your situation.

Am I experiencing family violence?

If you are experiencing abuse or violence, our intervention order lawyers in Melbourne can assist and support you.

Often family violence varies in intensity. There may be long periods when the behaviour is less intense, and then outside stressors cause an intensification of the behaviour.

It can be difficult for victims to recognise the abuse when it is happening. The behaviour can be subtle, often concealed under a veneer of concern, or justified anger. For instance, there is a difference between a partner reminding you about your family budget, and your partner bullying you about your spending. If the effect is that you feel threatened or intimidated, then it is inappropriate behaviour, and you can take steps to make it stop. Please contact us to discuss your situation today.

Getting help from our Melbourne Intervention Order Lawyers

If you are in immediate danger, you should contact the police on 000.

If you are safe at the moment but recognise that you have been experiencing family violence, you have the option of an Application being made for a family violence intervention order (FVIO).

A FVIO is an Order placing restrictions on the behaviour of a person who is currently in, or has previously been in, a domestic relationship (the Respondent) with the person experiencing violence (Affected Family Member – AFM). This is a civil order that is legally enforceable. It can be used to protect you, your children, and your property.

A FVIO sets out which behaviours/actions the Respondent must not engage in. The Order may impose whatever limitations or prohibitions considered necessary to protect you and your children. The Order may restrain the Respondent from assaulting, harassing, threatening, stalking, or intimidating you. The Order may also require the Respondent to stop communicating with you or coming to your home or workplace. Exemptions may be granted for the Respondent and AFM to communicate about the ongoing care arrangements of the children.

Although the FVIO is a civil order (i.e. it does not create a criminal record for the Respondent), breaching the Order is a criminal matter, and can result in the perpetrator being arrested and charged. This may result in a criminal conviction if the person breached the Order.

Domestic Violence and Family Law Parenting Matters

The ‘best interests of the child’ is the principal consideration in family law matters concerning children. The existence of family violence is a crucial consideration. Please refer to our “Areas of Practice” for more information about Parenting matters.

If you need the assistance of an intervention order lawyer in Melbourne, contact or call 03 9857 0099 for expert legal advice. Our intervention order lawyers in Melbourne and Balwyn can assist you to apply for an order to help protect you, your children, and/or other family members from domestic violence. Your matter will be treated with discretion and sensitivity by compassionate and experienced professionals.